Principal’s Message



HIS HOLINESS PADMAVIBHOOSHAN SRI SRI RAVISHANKAR EXPRESSED HIS VISION ON EDUCATION, “Knowledge and spiritual awareness should go hand in hand with a social and political system. Only then can justice prevail in society and there be a sense of belonging with everyone in the world irrespective of their religious and cultural background or age groups.

Guruji blessed this region of Kerala, namely Onattukara, comprising of two taluks in Alleppey District with Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir, Kattachira, Kayamkulam for educating the child from the age of 3 years as envisioned by him. This Vidya Mandir is:

  • A school that adds values of Indian heritage
  • A school that looks beyond
  • A school with a philosophy to prepare children to live with a smile in this ever-changing world equipping them with all the necessary skills and information to be a worthy citizen in this globally linked planet.
  • A school where a glance from the window will only go to the greens of erstwhile Onattukara and not to the grays.
  • A school where the corridors of the campus will sing tunes from the green alloys.
  • The school represents the transformation stage of education globally.
  • The learning philosophy practiced at Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir infuses traditional values into a progressive approach, equipping students to become independent without inhibition and have their feet firmly on the ground and adopt and excel their chosen field anywhere in the world.
  • The atmosphere in this school is rich with a sense of community and shared goals. It is an environment, which stimulates confidence, integrity, critical thought and harnessing of creative energy.
  • Stress-free child-friendly value-added education
  • Modern teaching aids with a well-equipped computer lab, science labs and visual aids with smart classes
  • Every day up gradation of mental and physical health with yoga, pranayama and meditation. This is applicable to teachers & staff also
  • Conveyance facility for students within a radius of 25km.
  • All corners and classrooms are brought under the surveillance of CCTV
  • Following courses conducted for students & teachers: Artexcell, YES, Sredha, Medha, etc
  • Regular up gradation of CBSE method of pedagogy by master of trainees
  • Activity-based teaching-learning with a teacher-student ratio 1:20 up to IV std
  • Airy classrooms and enriched & spacious library
  • Ample provision for co-curricular activities: Music class, dance class, karate class, drawing and painting class, training in traditional performing arts, training in singing Sat sang, etc
  • Healthcare- pediatrician’s routine check up
  • Interior & Exterior announcement system. Messaging system to communicate urgent matters to parents
  • Inculcates the feeling of honor for the traditional values and cultural heritage of India

The school is constructed observing all statutory norms of Government of Kerala and CBSE with exemplary facilities.

The people of Onattukara may make use of this SCHOOL WITH A HOLY IDENTITY. Your children are getting a rare- opportunity to educate in Guruji’s School.

Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir
Kattachira – Mangaram Road

Pallickal PO, Kayamkulam

Near Kayamkulam Railway Station

Choonad, Kerala-690503, India


Board Line:0479-2449988, 2330066/70